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Albumtexte CD Kind of DifferentAlbum 2023 "Kind of different"

1. Dreaming

In einer Welt, in der uns der Klimawandel massiv bedroht und von einigen lapidar als "Erfindung" geleugnet wird,
Menschenrechtsaktivist/innen vielfach im Gefängnis landen, sollte man umso mehr an seine Träume glauben...

I’m worried – everything is changing, everything is fading
The thruth is fake, the climate change is invented by China
Clean nuclear energy, war becomes a possibility
Hate, violence, intolerance are growing more and more

Blind faith is the reason why they follow the so called right guys
Deniz, Liu and Alexej stand for freedom, for humanity
Will the time ever change to be better? Is there a storm or cloudy weather?
Where did we leave the point of no return?

Dreaming, I'm still dreaming of a better world for you and me
Dreaming, I'm still dreaming of freedom, of humanity

Music/Lyrics: Jürgen Schulten

Weitere Songs

1. Rope-a-dope (and Peek-a-boo)

Wer kennt das nicht? Die Schule, die einem so vorkommt, als wenn man sich als Boxer im Ring bewähren müsste.
"Rope-a-dope" und "Peek-a-boo" sind übrigens Boxtechniken im Boxsport.

A pale pink paper in the drawer of my desk / Old and torn with a dog-ear at one edge
I turn it in my hands and I see me back in school / Lining up, complying with the rules

School sucks with a lot of tests and checks / Bullying, teachers breathing down my neck
Every day I feel confined / All in all an endless grind

A spark of hope was the sound of the bell / A spark of hope
It was a rope-a-dope and a peek-a-boo / Ducking down to get through

A chance find pushed these things to light / Memories of long-forgotten times
A blotting paper with a dog-ear at one edge / I ball it up 'cause it's water under the bridge

School sucked with a lot of tests and checks / Bullying, teachers breathing down my neck
Every day I felt confined / All in all an endless grind

Music: Jürgen Schulten / Lyrics: Maren Eckhardt

CD 2015 Album Homeland Album 2015 "Homeland"

1. Seven Days

In February we first met you
In March we found our faith in you
Yes, we created the radio show
And then we tried to make a video

We wrote "Summer" for the “GOA“
And played "Unbelievable"
We practiced for the „Dragon Time“
It was cold and wet, so that no kite could fly

Just seven days before you fly
Into the milky Asian sky
Music is where you came from
Music waits where you belong

We hope that you`ll soon be back again
No matter how long you're away
Whatever will be
We’ll keep your place free

We all give our best
Enjoy the last chords for this year
In silent moments this song should support you

Just seven days before you fly…

Music & lyrics: Jürgen Schulten

Jürgen Schulten: vocals, guitars
Maren Eckhardt: vocals
Andreas Grosse: keybboards
Michael Schulten: bass guitar
Michael Wöstehoff: drums

Marie Schulten & Sarah Mesenbrock: backing vocals (“The WeeBee-Girls”)

Produced, mixed and mastered by Jan Schulten
CD layout by Jan Schulten & Maren Eckhardt
Photgraphy by Jürgen Schulten & Jan Schulten

The copyright in this sound recording and artwork is owned by Municstreet
Warning: all rights reserved. Unauthorized copying, reproducing, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting protected
© Municstreet 2015

Konzerttermine 2023

Sa, 25. November 2023
Café Mundgerecht
Berzeliusstraße 11, 45144 Essen

Konzerttermine 2024

Sa, 24. Februar 2024, 20.00 Uhr
Hennie's Inn
Horster Str. 377, 46240 Bottrop

Frühjahr 2024 (Termin folgt)
Pauluskirche Dortmund
Schützenstraße 35, 44147 Dortmund

Frühjahr 2024 (Termin folgt)
Kultur in der Kapelle e.V.
Freibadstraße 1, 51588 Nümbrecht-Bierenbachtal

So, 07. Juli 2024
Heiligenhaus (private Feier)

Album Homeland

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Album Kind of Different

Municstreet CD Kind of Different

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