Wie heißt es doch: "Music is what life sounds like"... 

Ups and Downs

My life had valleys and peaks / moments, bitter and sweet

There was ebb and flow / but bad weeds grow tall         

I bought a pig in a poke / believed in faithful love

I saw heaven and hell / sometimes with smells and bells

Sunny days and clouds / whispers and shouts

I walked on many shores / but – I always longed for more

Mountains, plains or seas / shaped by sounds and beats

I love my life and kin / and music gives me wings

If you heed yourself you’ll never go wrong  

With self-confidence you’ve almost won

Make your choice and live your dreams

Things are never as bad as they seem

The melodies of life / are sorrowful and bright

I hark to every tone / the best is yet to come

Lyrics are like beads / making songs complete

That is why I sing / and music give me wings

Music shows my ups and downs

Is my compass and my polar star

And I think: I’ve got so close - but no cigar  

Music/Lyrics: Maren Eckhardt


Die Macht der Worte - insbesondere auch in sozialen Medien - hat uns den Anstoß zu diesem Text gegeben:

(A world full of) Words

Nowadays, diplomacy is overruled by twitter or posts

Social media push incapable ghosts

Day after day, churlishness overturns masterminds

And finally, we put our civilized life on the line

They are pens and brushes / paint flowers and ashes

They mean blessing or curse / are hangman or nurse

They are toxic or toothless / lead to sorrow or solace

Mean freedom or jail / may accomplish or fail


Words – you should use them with care

Your lips may hide them or share

Words – they inspire or destroy

They may cause sadness or leaps of joy


They out donor or rotter / show babbitt or squatter

Open or close a door / may lead to peace or war

They give tender vibrations / make callous statements

Bring inner thoughts to light / may hate or cherish life

Music: Municstreet
Lyrics: Maren Eckhardt


In Zeiten, in denen die Demokratie durch Populisten herausgefordert wird, war es uns ein Bedürfnis einen Song zum Thema zu schreiben


The world turns upside down / Populists gain ground

They even get elected / Cause people feel neglected

Agitators spread around / Autocrats are crowned

Why are they respected?  / The least stay unprotected!


They reap the whirl-wind and wuthering seas break solid dams

Shake the world right down to its foundations

Head of states make statements full of consternation

Blinded, full of hate: Populists run the state!

The world turns upside down / Democrats lose ground

They fail to get elected / Cause people feel neglected


It’s so visible, it’s incredible, it’s so horrible

We are liable, we’re gullible, we’re responsible

Foolishly teetering on the brink of an abyss

Facing an apocalyptic coulisse

Music: Jürgen Schulten
Lyrics: Maren Eckhardt


Dieser beschwingte, jazzige Song ist einer befreundeten Band gewidmet, die sich zuletzt "Creation in Progress" nannte.

Veuve Clicquot

Innovative sounds, out-of-the-box thinking, open-mindedness is jauntily swinging

An ugly duck becomes a swan while they’re sipping Dom Perignon

Limerick lyrics and off-the-wall music, much happiness seems to be elusive

Apparently, that’s what they seek while they’re sipping Moet and Heidsieck


It’s a band with changing names / It’s a band that fans the flames

Of invention, creation and scintillation

It’s a band of faithful friends / with a lot of odds and ends

With invention, creation and scintillation

Freaky spacy sounds, creation in progress, opera voice meets a “Kind of Blue”

Instantly, they are inspired and keep on through while they’re sipping superb Montaudon


Fingers hold and clink blown glasses, bubbles rise while their bad mood passes

When they get awakened by a widow, i’ts Veuve Clicquot, it’s Veuve Clicquot

Music: Jürgen Schulten
Lyrics: Maren Eckhardt


Dieser Song handelt von der gefährlichen Überfahrt der Flüchtlinge über das Mittelmeer und ihrem Schicksal. "Davy Jones' Locker" ist der englische Begriff für "Seemannsgrab".

Davy Jones’ Locker

He wanted to escape from bombing
His home had been reduced to dust
She gave away all her belongings
to find a home in peace and trust

While traffickers rubbed their hands with gloating
They went aboard a wreck called ship
Out at sea huge waves were shaking
old rotten planks and fearful men

We’re afraid of Davy Jones’ locker
We’re afraid of a watery grave
We’re afraid of Davy Jones’ locker
Don’t let us be swallowed by the next wave

Trapped in the dark, screams ear-piercing
It turned out to be a trip through hell
It took old men as well as babies sleeping
Into the stormy sea they fell

As they reached clear shallow waters
Many of them hadn’t survived
Nobody knows their final destination
By then a heavy toll they’d paid

They escaped Davy Jones’ locker
They escaped a watery grave
But here and now their journey hasn’t ended
They have to be strong and brave

Gathered like cattle, in bad condition
Living in camps like being banned
They apply for asylum und admission
In the so-called promised land

Where will they find a home and freedom
Will they get a chance to stay
They have to justify the reasons
And fight against their rising doubts

They escaped Davy Jones’ locker
They escaped a watery grave
They are facing an uncertain future
Their way has only just begun

Music: Jürgen Schulten
Lyrics: Maren Eckhardt



You are chameleonic
Far away from being harmonic

You always need a hedonic tone
In your emotional combat zone

You like to be ironic
Your comments seem to be sardonic

You love making other people thrown
In your emotional combat zone

You’re hard to handle / You’re too difficult for me
My love’s not worth the candle and I can clearly see
You’re hard to handle / You’re too difficult for me
You burn the candle at two ends and that’s too much for me

With glances quite demonic
Your mind flies kind of supersonic

And you ascend the gorgeous throne
In your emotional combat zone

You’re hard to handle...

You roam the giant milky-way
You raise confusing feelings, hey

Which are tectonic, symphonic, synchronic
laconic, hypertonic, hegemonic, plutonic

You're hard to handle...

Music: Jürgen Schulten
Lyrics: Maren Eckhardt


Dieser Song handelt von einem jungen Mann, der sich seit jüngster Kindheit im  "falschen" Körper fühlte und sich nach langen Jahren der inneren Konflikte entschloss, endlich zur Frau zu werden.

Salty tears


She’s feeling like a girl since she’s been a little boy
The way she was going was for him, not for her
Walking upright like the ordinary boys
Wondering that he prefers to play with girlish toys

She made up his face and wore her sister’s clothes
Loved mom’s beauty case when she was all alone
Burning questions were slowly boiling up
But who’s the court and who’s the judge?


Salty tears she’s still crying
He’s breaking the habit just to stop it
But she’s not buying it

The looks are hurting like the thoughts in her head
She wants to go further but he goes back instead
Living the lie – but he can’t deny
that something is growing deep inside


Now I put on my hold-up stockings /and the red lipstick, too
I love wearing my blue make-up and my sexy shoes
I try to walk on black high heels
I have a red dress, too, I have a red dress, too…

Music: Jürgen Schulten
Lyrics: Jürgen Schulten/Jan Schulten

Good love needs time

Don’t hurry through life / Don’t hurry through love
Don’t worry about things / you cannot change
Be wary of hurts / Let hopes shape your life
A new dawn will break / after the darkest night

Good love needs time…

Don’t hurry through life / Don’t hurry through love
Don’t worry about people / who let you down
Never let yesterday / use up today’s life
A new dawn will break / stand up and fight

Good love needs time

Don’t hurry through life / Don’t hurry through love
True love is forever / no flash in the pan
It’s kind of magic / no catch as catch can
Good time needs love / and good love needs time

Music: Jürgen Schulten
Lyrics: Maren Eckhardt



Don’t kill anymore
I still love you
Remote controlled
My home
Through the eyes of the children
Sunday afternoon
Seven days
Song for her daddy

Don’t kill anymore

Please hear my words make peace and put an end to wars!
Hopeless lives, sad crying eyes - I don’t want it anymore
Broken houses, debris fields, ripped-off limbs and gore
An old man with an orphaned boy, they seem to ask “wherefore?”

People roaming desperately, no one dries their tears
Robbed of their belongings, stranded, they are full of fears
They lost their homes, their mind, there is no place to stay
I can’t help but sing this song and begin to pray

Don’t kill anymore

They cannot see a ray of hope and struggle to survive
Politicians who could help, don’t deal with it, are blind
Lost souls in a cruel world of selfishness and greed
I can only sing out loud: what they need is peace!

Don’t kill anymore

Music: Jürgen Schulten
Lyrics: Jürgen Schulten/Maren Eckhardt


Wake up and watch the brilliant lights
Diamonds born during the night
Coltishly plummeted but safe
Dancing upon the bouncing waves

It’s summer

Oh look, this nice and pleasant sight
Fleecy clouds, all washed clean white
On a sky all over blue
Hard to believe but this is true

It’s summer

I wish the sun would never pass     
I’ll keep some rays deep in my heart         
For those cold winter nights
Or for some troubling times

It’s summer

Come, enjoy the icy floods
Your heart speeds up, you’re breathless but
You feel relieved, just free from care
What a gorgeous life! I swear!

It’s summer

Music: Jürgen Schulten
Lyrics: Maren Eckhardt

I still love you

All the times we live together
All the storms we’re going through
Hope that we will live for ever
I just want to be with you

All the darkness - we are lightnings
So many moments we enjoy
Our children are so surprising
Make us proud like no one else

You`re like a hurricane, you’re like the sun
You surprise me like no one
What ever happened whatever will be
This is true I still love you

All the things we do together
I know we do it well
We forget the world around us
And the heaven is on earth

You`re like a hurricane, you’re like the sun…

Music & lyrics: Jürgen Schulten

Remote Controlled

Watching the people running round and round
Where are you from? Where do you go?
Like busy ants on their way
No time to breathe, no time to stay

I see laughter without a smile
Faceless puppets without life
Society conventions make us blind
To survive, they kill our mind

That’s you, that’s me, that’s we, I agree

We only serve a great purpose
We fight for money to survive
It doesn’t matter to lose a life
To perform is what we have to do

That’s you, that’s me, that’s we, I agree

Nobody knows what’s his name
We are numbers we’re doing the same
Just a working part of this game
Yes, we all do the same....

So we’ll leave the world without a trace
Another one will take your place
No one will know or will remind
I still preach don’t waste your time

Yes you, yes me, yes we, we agree

Music & lyrics: Jürgen Schulten

My home

I was born in a hard-working miner city
The sound of steel is the rhythm of my heart
Dusty streets and burning skies
Daylight shining in the night
I was born in this hard-working miner city

It´s my home, it`s my home where I am from

The melting pot for millions of different people
Lost souls from all over the world
Different thoughts, different chats
Different clothes, different colors
Yes we are one, yes we are strong

It´s our home, it's our home where we belong

Assholes are assholes and friends are friends
No matter who you are or where you‘re from
No fine dressed leader gets a chance
No honeyed smile can hide a lie
If we stand together, life is in our hand

It´s our home, it`s our home where we belong

Music & lyrics: Jürgen Schulten

Through the eyes of the children
I feel the tears behind your smile
I hear the truth between your words
I see the face behind your mask

I stop the time to search deep inside
For a lost boy in a lost time I try to remind
So sensitive and fragile deep inside

Through the eyes of the children
I look on the world    
No secrets are deep enough
To hide them from the world

With the ears of the kids I listen to you
No whisper is quiet enough
I know what you do

Just simple rules to understand
Are you sad I lend you my hand
Are you tired I lie down to you
I wish I know the right to do

Through the eyes of the children…

Music & lyrics: Jürgen Schulten/Andreas Grosse

Sunday afternoon

Rescue packages will be soon sold out
While money is melting away
The money printing press is working day and night
Is glowing hot and at last it will explode

Finance sharks burn billion dollars day by day
'cause they know: help is coming soon
They save the world on a Sunday afternoon
They save the world on a Sunday afternoon

They´re loving ‘bunga bunga’ while the world is burning down
They just want to get some perfect thrills
A poor little girl is begging in the street
She knows that money kills

Finance sharks burn billion dollars day by day
'cause they know: help is coming soon
They save the world on a Sunday afternoon
They save the world on a Sunday afternoon

And if you rise against them, you will wake up in jail
The chance to change it, is just this
We have to tear them down from those comfort chairs
Before they kill us with a kiss

Finance sharks burn billion dollars day by day
‘cause they know: help is coming soon
They save the world on a bunga afternoon
They save their asses while money is coming soon

Long live occupy!

Music & lyrics: Andreas Grosse

Seven days

In February we first met you
In March we found our faith in you
Yes, we created the radio show
And then we tried to make a video

We wrote "Summer" for the “GOA“
And played "Unbelievable"
We practiced for the „Dragon Time“
It was cold and wet, so that no kite could fly

Just seven days before you fly
Into the milky Asian sky
Music is where you came from
Music waits where you belong

We hope that you`ll soon be back again
No matter how long you're away
Whatever will be
We’ll keep your place free

We all give our best
Enjoy the last chords for this year
In silent moments this song should support you

Just seven days before you fly…

Music & lyrics: Jürgen Schulten

Song for her daddy

You use your political experience
To reach the pole position anywhere
You leave your mother ‘cause she’s growing old
You throw your daughter away - yes, she did what she’d told

You feel like the centre of the universe
Like King Louis XIV
You play golf with your business associates
Success is what you need

Everyone loves someone
And maybe someone will love me
But believe me if you ride on the wings of death
There won’t be anyone for you - you will see

In your life - everything is in the right place
On your mind - you put everyone in the right case
In your arms - every life is freezing
Dependency is the gift of your heart

Everyone loves someone…

You break every fragile heart
You would never give a chance to try a second start
Yes, you’re right, of cause you’re right
You are the rightest of the universe

Everyone loves someone…

Music & lyrics: Jürgen Schulten


Jürgen Schulten:      vocals, guitars
Maren Eckhardt:      vocals
Andreas Grosse:      keybboards
Michael Schulten:     bass guitar
Michael Wöstehoff:   drums

Marie Schulten & Sarah Mesenbrock: backing vocals (“The WeeBee-Girls”)

Produced, mixed and mastered by Jan Schulten
CD layout by Jan Schulten & Maren Eckhardt
Photgraphy by Jürgen Schulten & Jan Schulten

The copyright in this sound recording and artwork is owned by Municstreet
Warning: all rights reserved. Unauthorized copying, reproducing, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting protected
© Municstreet 2015